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Without a body, this is my true nature.

This small realm of nirvana allows the sharpest view.

P1, P2, #0  The series of works presented here was deduced from my continuing endeavors to free myself from substance-based mediums. I have spent the 21st-century practicing traditional art forms and attentively observed as the digital mediums ceaselessly renewed in their sharpness, and at the same time, spent some time investigating the maximum sharpness a medium’s materiality could achieve on a canvas. Meanwhile, I navigated the tumultuous world in search of the true nature of the human being that transcends both matter and form, and the various elements of the canvas coalesced into one light during the journey.


In the corporeal world, depth is something that absorbs everything, something that is black in color; whereas, in the immaterial world, depth is blindingly bright, white in color, that which unites time and space, of which the fathom goes deeper than the sum of all others. 


The mediums used in art are what previous deeds are to human life — the karma passed on from one life to the next. The vast majority of our identity is defined and subjugated by those who aren’t ourselves, and you would, no doubt, know how difficult it is to break free from them. The very bodies we had inherited from them are tainted with karma. But you must be able to free yourself from the restraints others have placed on you. Only then could you live to your true nature and exist as this nature. Your countless, diverse facets cannot be narrowed into a single definition; you are unfathomable in your profoundness; and I captured the true, original beauty of your human existence. 

 Copyright © Riiwon All rights reserved.

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